Medical City Las Colinas March 28, 2014

Medical City Las Colinas’s Employee Advisory Group is made up of representatives from every department in the hospital. Their goal is to be a communication link between their coworkers and the executive staff in order to solve issues, foster ideas, and make this organization a better place to work. One of the projects the EAG recently completed was an outreach fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization in Irving. They decided to organize a bake sale using all employee products to raise funds for The Main Place. While bake sales have been done before, this was the first to benefit an external organization in need.

“The Main Place in Irving, Texas provides clothing and personal items for homeless teens and individuals and/or families in need. Volunteers act as “image consultants” and provide trendy, age appropriate, well-fitting clothing. Our goal is to raise their self-esteem by pointing out their best features and outfitting them from head to toe – including proper foundation garments and jewelry for the girls. The Main Place is a “retail store without a cash register” – allowing the students to shop at no cost. They come in with their head down; they leave with bags full of clothing and big smiles on their faces.”

Numerous employees brought baked goods and other small products that were sold in the hospital cafeteria throughout the morning and afternoon. Everything from full sized cakes and cupcakes to custom made candles were donated with the understanding that 100% of the proceeds would be going to The Main Place. In one day, Las Colinas Employees donated $758 through bake sale purchases!

Sharon Johnston, the Director of The Main Place, asked several members of the Medical City Las Colinas EAG to visit their headquarters in order to really see what our donations were accomplishing. It was a pleasure to partner with such an incredible organization that’s determined to make a difference in our community. We are so proud of how our employees stepped up and showed their passion for impacting our neighbors outside of our four walls.