Medical City Las Colinas September 29, 2017

IRVING, Texas – On September 26th, Medical City Las Colinas was able to recognize five first responders at the Farmers Branch City Council meeting for their role in saving the life of a Carrollton resident. Farmers Branch Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedics Isaac Chan and Jacob Little (Medic 133) and Captain Matthew Graham, Apparatus Operator Lynn Harpold, and Second Apparatus Operator Stephen Crawford of Carrolton Fire Rescue’s E-115.

On May 23, 2017 Farmers Branch Fire Department Medic 133 and Carrollton Fire Rescue Engine 115 were dispatched to an unconscious person in Carrollton Texas. On arrival, Medic 133 found a male patient unconscious on the ground with labored breathing. A few movements later the patient went into cardiac arrest. CPR was initiated, and the cardiac monitor showed that the patient was in ventricular fibrillation. This heart rhythm requires immediate defibrillation and administration of anti-arrhythmic medications. Multiple rounds of medication and defibrillation were delivered and pulse was restored while in-route to Medical City Las Colinas.

Once at Medical City Las Colinas, the patient was admitted to ICU. After being treated at Medical City Las Colinas for 10 days, the patient was discharged home.

 “Without the care that was provided by the medics, this patient would not be alive today,” said Jeremy Rountree, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer.