Medical City Las Colinas February 11, 2014

Medical City Las Colinas is determined to make a positive impact on the patient experience at our hospital. We know how terrifying and uncomfortable it can be to come in to the emergency room, especially for a child. The number of people in the room along with the noise of the machines can make for a scary experience. That’s why we decided to redesign one of our Emergency Department rooms with children in mind. Providing an atmosphere that is distracting and engaging creates another level of care for a young patient.

To make the room more comfortable and entertaining for children, we sought the help of several local elementary school art classes. We wanted to give our youngest patients something to focus on when they were laying in our emergency room looking up at the ceiling, so we had these elementary school students paint “their happiest day” on a ceiling tile that would be placed in our new pediatric emergency room. The teachers and students jumped at the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids who might not be having the best day. Four elementary school art classes painted every ceiling tile in Emergency Room 12 to reflect times when they were happiest, and they’ve made a direct impact on the patients we’ve cared for.

One of the schools that we partnered with was Stipes Elementary School in Irving. Mrs. Elisa Edgar’s art students painted 9 ceiling tiles that are now hanging in the Medical City Las Colinas Emergency Department. For their dedicated involvement in this community project, they were nominated for the annual Irving Celebration of Excellence awards that are designed to recognize excellent achievement by Irving Independent School District students. This group of amazing kids, Elisa Edgar, and Principal Jackie Gorena are finalists in the Community Service category and we couldn’t be more proud of the partnership we built with them. It is truly inspiring to see young students using their talents to help others, and they have made a difference in the lives of every young emergency room patient that we see at Medical City Las Colinas.