Medical City Las Colinas June 01, 2016

Twenty-two year old Michael Loftis collapsed from a heart attack at the finish line of the Irving Half Marathon in April. Thanks to the quick thinking of two nurses from Medical City Las Colinas, he is alive today to tell his story.

Nurses Laura Rampley and Ron Samuel volunteered to help at Medical City Las Colinas’s booth at the Irving Marathon. Little did they know that in addition to passing out goodies and talking about the hospital’s orthopedic services, they would have to put their nursing skills to work that morning.

Just after crossing the finish line in the half marathon, Michael Loftis collapsed, unresponsive. Laura and Ron saw the commotion and went to see if they could help. Some onlookers poured water on Michael thinking he was just overheated, but Laura quickly realized the situation was much more serious and jumped into action. After checking for a pulse and realizing he didn’t have one, she instructed Ron to start chest compressions while she went to get an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) device and Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) personnel. Together, they continued CPR and shocked his heart with the AED until his heart beat returned and he regained consciousness.

EMS transported Michael to a hospital, where it was determined that he had suffered a heart attack due to a congenital heart defect. Five days after collapsing and being brought back to life, he underwent successful open heart surgery, and is planning his upcoming wedding.

Three weeks after his heart attack, Michael Loftis got to meet the two Medical City Las Colinas nurses that saved his life.