Fibroid Treatment at Medical City Las Colinas

The Acessa Guidance System uses electromagnetic tracking technology and radiofrequency ablation to treat symptomatic uterine fibroids laparoscopically. When coupled with ultrasound, it provides instant feedback of device trajectory to the targeted fibroid and tracks the surgical instruments in real-time.

The use of the Acessa Guidance System allows physicians to shrink the size of uterine fibroids in a matter of minutes, which can eliminate the painful symptoms associated with these fibroids, including heavy bleeding, bloating and pain during menstrual cycles. Using two small incisions, physicians are able to target only the fibroids without damaging the uterus or any other tissue. Acessa™ presents a new alternative to patients sufforing uterine fibroids.

Dr. Andrea Arguello & Dr. Darshna Chandrasekhara Discuss the Latest Technology in Fibroid Treatment

OB/GYN physicians, Dr. Andrea Arguello & Dr. Darshna Chandrasekhara talk about the exciting new Acessa Procedure that is used to treat fibroids without removal of the uterus.

Dr. Brian Enggano Discusses Acessa Procedure for Treatment of Uterine Fibroids

Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Brian Enggano, discuss the new Acessa Procedure, a minimally invasive procedure to treat uterine fibroids. 70% of women will suffer from uterine fibroids and this procedure is a great alternative to a complete hysterectomy.