Hip Revision Surgery at Medical City Las Colinas

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Revision surgery on a previously repaired hip is a complex procedure that requires thorough planning, specialized implants and tools, and sophisticated surgical techniques.

In some cases an older primary hip implant may become painful or swollen when the implant loosens, begins to wear, or becomes infected. The function of the implant may decrease and become stiff or unstable. A comparison of x-rays may be used to determine if the implant has changed position, or if the components of the implant are becoming worn.

Hip revision surgery becomes necessary when pain, swelling, limpness, stiffness, or instability of the primary implant reach an unacceptable level. In the hands of a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, a hip revision procedure may represent your best chance for a more active and pain-free future. Medical City Las Colinas provides high-quality care delivered by skilled and experienced surgeons.